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Reviews of Claudia Marie Felt on Etsy


Reviews of Claudia Marie Lenart Book Illustration

"Hansel & Gretel: A Fairy Tale with a Down Syndrome Twist is illustrated in gorgeous needle-felted wool paintings that give a rich and magical feel to this surprising and delightful tale. The needle-felted images and scenery are beautiful and stunning. They set the tone perfectly and whisk you to a far-off land. Each page is imbued with magic. You will find that you want to linger on each page a little longer just to take all of it in." — The Picture Book Review

"The sensitive fiber art portraits of tiny but expressive needle felted dolls capture a feeling of delicate awareness that enhances the positive and empowering message of Hansel & Gretel: A Fairy Tale with a Down Syndrome Twist.” — Midwest Book Review

"Claudia’s breathtaking illustration take this beloved tale to a whole new level.” - Shaila Abdullah, author of My Friend Suhana

"Claudia's felt sculpture just blew me away.” — Picture Book Illustration

"The artwork is outstanding. It’s dreamy and Waldorf-y, all soft edges and sharp colours. I loved it."— Meriah Nichols, A Little Moxie

“I liked the illustrations. They didn’t look like any book I had seen before.” Jewel, 7-year-old reviewer, San Francisco Book Review

"The illustrations were created by fiber artist Claudia Marie Lenart. Her work is beautiful and so unique in this children’s book. I found myself looking at the detail on each page to appreciate all the work that was put into each creation."—HOPE Resources

"Lenart’s art in this book is the true showstopper . . . I have a low tolerance for books that don’t live up to their highest potential, and I tell you now that this book is worth owning in your library." -- Elizabeth Bird, School Library Journal

What a treat to meander through the seasons with these wonderful words and beautiful wool paintings. Claudia is an extraordinary fiber artist who has the special talent of bringing magical scenes to life. A delight for adults and children alike.  -- Donni Webber,, author of Magical Miniature Gardens and Homes, blogger at The Magic Onions